Archiflop. A guide to the most Geb. Ausg. Mngelexemplar von Alessandro Biamonti

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Once an architectural project has emerged from the perfect atmosphere of the computer, the drawings and the 3D models, it inevitably comes up against the logic of the real world. In most cases, the encounter is painless. But sometimes thingsgowrong! This volume features a selection of 25 more or less notorious archiflops scattered over the globe, which are grouped in various thematic sections. Entries, an illustrated map, a half-serious glossary and a wealth of photographic documentation help readers to make somesenseoftheghosttowns in China,eco-monsters inthesouth ofltalyand grotesque remains of American amusement parks. We don't see this as a list of errors to be denounced but rather as an invitation to reflect on the fact that a project can't design its future. Then again, practice makes perfect.

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