Lorenzo (Englisch) Geb.Ausg. von Isabella Sonntag

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In the large faraily of equestrian artists Lorenzo is something of ' child prodigy. His performances are truly unique, for example h stand-up dressage which has its origin in the Hungarian exampl four pairs of horses - one behind the other - with whom he jum] impressively over obstacles at full gallop. He has already presenti this programme - known as Lorenzo Action - throughout most Europe- and each time he takes his audience by storm and receiv Standing ovations. In 2005 at the Crinieres d'Or, the famous horse festival in Avigno he presented the spectators with an absolutely incredible liber dressage featuring four of his wonderful grey Lusitano marc directing them without any auxiliary aids, simply using his voice and his instinct. In this new programme, Lorenzo Emotion, poctry and emotion merge together to create a y . magical work of art of incredible fascination. Not yet thirty ycars of age, Lorenzo can already look back over a carecr which spans a period of twenty years. It startet off with his performances in the arena of Saintes Maries de la mer in the Camargue, the area where he was born and brought up, and where he still lives with his horses today. For this book the modest and otherwise very reserved young man became more talkative and what he did not teil us himself, we heard about from his mother, close friends, neigh-bours and colleagues. His still young and yet so very rieh life proves what a person with courage, willpower and strength of purpose can achieve. Quite apart from his outstanding talent, of course. The author Luisina Dessagne and the photographer Robin Hasta Luego, who also comes from a famous farnily of equestrian artistes, accompanied Lorenzo for an entire spring season: first of all they were at his home in the Camargue where he lives and works with his horses, dcvclops and practises new show numbers. Later on they travelled with him to the north of England, to Sheffield, where Lorenzo presented his both of his two programmes, Action and K Emotion, to the public for the lirst time. It has become a very personal book which, in addition to the equestrian artist Lorenzo, also includcs contributions from the young man Laurent Serre. It is a sensitive and moving portrait ol an exccptional artist.

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